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An art historian, a physicist, and an advertising freak play Adult Groove Rock.

On September 24, the female-fronted, Hamburg-based band Club of Revelation will release their new single “Lights in a Room.” Known within the Hamburg club circuit for their clever, even cheeky lyrics, popping bass lines, and guitar licks that inspire even the shyest bar patrons to move their heads to the beat, Club of Revelation includes vocalist Manjula Dias-Hargarter, bassist Andreas Puls, and guitarist and songwriter Sebastian Keil. 

“When I wrote the majority of “Lights in a Room,” there was a lot of death in my songs. Very often, the protagonist would die in the end and there were very few happy endings. And in this song, I definitely felt inspired by a line from “I don’t like Mondays” by the Boomtown Rats. In “Lights,“ the father says “he hates Mondays,” and I knew there‘d be hurt, a gun — the boy would die. Musically, it was always a tiny bit complicated, so for the single release, we went for this more dialed-back arrangement. And you can hear death throughout the song until the three bells toll at the very end … I fought for those.”

At its core, Club of Revelation is a rock band, but its influences of blues and funk place their songs in a category of its own. And “Lights,” COR’s fourth single from the 5-track LP Welcome to the Club, reveals the band’s decidedly more introspective side. In particular, Keil’s sheer talents as a lyricist occupy their rightful place center stage, while Dias-Hargarter’s warm and delicate voice draws the listener in. Juxtaposed with COR‘s earlier releases “Not the King” and “Like a Flower,” “Lights in a Room” demonstrates the multifaceted nature of COR’s sound: playful and in-your-face at one moment, nuanced and meaningful in the next. 

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